Empowering diversity, growth, and equity.
Services: Identity, Guidelines
In the fall of 2021, EDGE Academy — formerly known as the LEARFIELD Minority Academy — officially rebranded, requiring the development of a new identity to better reflect the organization's purpose to recruit and empower recent graduates and established professionals to LEARFIELD.
The program's intention to serve as a platform to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, foster a sense of community, and create an opportunity network across college sports were key factors in the development of this refreshed identity. Following a months-long development process, the new, modular identity system with both a primary mark and alternate stacked mark was unveiled.
The custom typeface used to create the mark intentionally treats each letterform with equal height and width to honor the company's dedication to equity in the organization. An equal sign — a visual representation of inclusion — can also be seen capping the second 'E' in EDGE.

All work completed at MogoSME.

Creative Director: Jason Vogel
Managing Director: Conor O'Flaherty

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