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In early 2020, Colgate University partnered with MogoSME to develop a new athletics identity system and brand story to better integrate their athletics program with Colgate's bold new academic identity. The unified branding system sought to reflect Colgate’s reputation of academic and athletic excellence.
Together, we strengthened the foundation of the Colgate athletics brand by developing brand pillars and establishing their “Every Field, Every Arena” brand platform to express the program’s culture of achievement in sport, academics and throughout the community. The Colgate ‘C’ is the centerpiece of the athletics identity, incorporating Colgate’s residential commons shield wiithin the suite to position athletics as an extension of the classroom and community. The new shield mark is supported by a script ‘gate mark and a look and feel that reinforces critical components of the brand, including a 13 stripes graphic element, which pays homage to Colgate’s 13 founders.
The new athletics brand achieves what so many universities struggle with: creating a unified identity between athletics and academics which articulates a shared story, purpose, and set of values.

All work completed at MogoSME.

Creative Director: Jason Vogel
Managing Director: Conor O'Flaherty
Copywriter: Jon Hans
"Our goals with this new Athletics identity system were to centralize what our athletics program represents; differentiate our program from our competitors; articulate our unique values and story; reflect our rich history of athletic and academic success; substantiate the value of our exemplary scholar-athlete experience; and promote the success of our collective program, as well as each individual team. We have done just that."
— Nicki Moore, Vice President and Director of Athletics

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