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In the fall of 2019, IWEISS LLC—a theatrical solutions company on a mission to become the leader in the engineering & manufacturing of equipment for the stage and entertainment market—sought to develop a new brand positioning strategy complete with messaging and an identity overhaul to elevate the brand through a unified story.
To make IWEISS a national brand respected by clients, industry experts, theater professionals, and competitors alike, we sought to establish a brand that was capable of impact and influence by crafting a consistent brand story and expression.
This months-long process was spearheaded by a contemporary new logo that interlocked the letters 'i' and 'w' to create an instantly recognizable icon that would function at any scale or medium. IWEISS' deep, historical connection to the theater served as a foundational principle in our design approach and is subtly alluded to in the folds of the mark, which represent both the interconnected nature of their business as well as the folds in traditional stage curtains — a hallmark of their business.
A clean, forward-looking look and feel was developed using segments of the icon as both dividing elements and retaining shapes to showcase photography, and brand messaging/headlines were crafted to position the company as the industry standard in end-to-end stage and entertainment solutions.

All work completed at MogoSME.

Creative Director: Jason Vogel
Managing Director: Conor O'Flaherty
Copywriter: Jon Hans

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