Lunatix is a brand for the die-hard; the fantasy player; the fourth-and-inches fan who wouldn't miss Game Seven for anything. Designed to speak directly to the lunacy and dedication of their fans, their customers, Lunatix was born and rolled out in 2019.
A loud, in-your-face brand identity and architecture was built to capture the essence of this exciting platform, complete with a strategically crafted brand personality, messaging system, and look feel. Key elements alluding to the tactics and intelligence of the Lunatix audience were also included in the roll out, which complemented targeted brand photography, capturing these same fans, these same lunatics, in can't miss moments that only Lunatix could deliver on.
The success of this identity hinged not just on the visual impact of its design, but the creative direction of MogoSME's Creative Director, Jason Vogel, as well as the strategic guidance and influence of Managing Director, Conor O'Flaherty, and Brand Strategist, Jonathan Hans.​​​​​​​
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