A re-flection of strength and unity.
Services: Identity, Guidelines
With nearly 60 years of history and equity, Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) is one of the most powerful unions in sports. But sometimes, even the strongest brands need to modernize.
Together, in partnership with MogoSME, we evolved the MLBPA identity, re-designing it to reflect the strength and unity of the union, as well as to better represent today's players. By staying true to the original form, we honored MLBPA's rich history while bringing the identity into the future; better positioning the brand for a digital-first world.
The updated player silhouette—central to the design—was developed not to represent a specific player like the way the NBA logo features Hall of Fame player Jerry West, but to represent a compilation of the best power hitters in baseball today.
“The idea was to be representative of everyone and not one particular player,” said Gretchen Mueller, MLBPA managing director, digital media and creative strategy.
The modernization of the Players Association shield will also align it with the MLBPA’s other organizational logos including the Players Trust and MLB Players, Inc., for a more cohesive suite of marks and variations. Within the new MLBPA brand architecture, fonts, color palette and styles have are now unified.

All work completed at MogoSME.

Chief Creative Officer: Walter Whitman
Creative Director: Jason Vogel
Strength Through Unity
"Updating our shield was done with considerable thought and reverence to the original logo, which founding Executive Director Marvin Miller helped design. Modernizing our logo reflects our union’s strength through unity as well as its standing in professional sports and the labor movement.”
— Tony Clark, MLBPA Executive Director
“These tweaks are slight and that was the idea. It’s an evolution to maintain the history we had and the brand identity that we had.”
— Gretchen Mueller
New Brand, Same Vision
“Our union is growing exponentially with the addition of Minor Leaguers to our fraternity, so we felt this was an appropriate time to modernize our historic shield logo,”
— Tony Clark, MLBPA Executive Director

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