Born from equality. Built for opportunity.
Services: Strategy, Positioning, Identity, Messaging, Guidelines, production
In August 2021, the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC)—a collegiate athletic conference made up mostly of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)formally rolled out their new brand following a years-long development process.
The new brand sought to celebrate the conference’s history of combined athletic and academic success through a refreshed brand strategy that fully communicated the uniqueness of the SIAC brand and properly expressed its cultural impact and competitive differentiators.
To bring the brand to life, a new set of brand pillars, a revised personality, an uplifting and empowering brand platform, and brand messaging to better engage and attract corporate sponsors, donors, partners, and prospective students were developed.
The new brand platform, ‘Leaders Rise Here,’ affirmed SIAC’s leadership status as an HBCU and helped position the brand as a powerful source of inspiration, committed to bringing out the very best in each of its student-athletes. Exuding optimism, it extends beyond athletics to reflect the life-changing opportunities permeating SIAC’s individual campuses and the conference’s perpetual drive to empower individual lives and communities.
A refreshed brand identity leads the visual charge of this rebrand with a modernized, forward-leaning identity that honors the 106-year history of the conference while shining a light on its unique foundation built on unity and equality.

All work completed at MogoSME.

Creative Director: Jason Vogel
Managing Director: Conor O'Flaherty
Copywriter: Jon Hans

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