In order to tell a meaningful story for US Youth Soccer—the largest youth affiliate and member of U.S. Soccer—we first had to unite the organization’s state associations and programs around a strong national brand. The resulting “Path for Every Player” platform served as an overarching theme to communicate the vast developmental benefits provided by and inspire US Youth Soccer’s associations and programs with a clearly defined brand essence, mission and vision.
By owning every stage of youth soccer, the brand is empowered to tell multiple stories under an authentic and distinct position. In addition to a refined brand story and position, the brand’s identity and supporting visual elements evolved to present a more cohesive, modern and professional look across all consumer touchpoints.
The success of this identity hinged not just on the visual impact of its design, but the creative direction of MogoSME's Creative Director, Jason Vogel, the design execution of Senior Designer, Brandon Cabassa, as well as the strategic guidance and influence of Managing Director, Conor O'Flaherty, and Brand Strategist, Jonathan Hans.​​​​​​​
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